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Green Specialty Ingredients supplies an extensive range of natural ingredients for a variety of personal care markets. We carefully select superior quality, clean raw materials that are produced or harvested in a way that minimizes harmful effects on the earth and society.


We offer our customers the benefit of established relationships with an ever-expanding network of eco-friendly, environmentally conscious suppliers from around the globe. Strong relationships with suppliers enables us to source products quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, and to expand our product offerings based upon customer requests.


As consumers trend towards healthier lifestyle choices and increased environmental awareness, our 30 years of experience in raw materials sourcing, and a centrally located headquarters in the Northeast U.S. can help customers reexamine the ingredients included within their products, while maintaining standards for performance, value, and quality.

Let us help you to accelerate and reduce the complexity of going to market, and grow your business faster through:

  • Ready access to key consumer markets

  • Robust technical and marketing support through every step of your R&D process

  • Penetrating insights and analytics on changing consumer trends towards increased environmental awareness

  • Superior performance, sustainable raw materials which offer exceptional value with less environmental impact


Green Specialty Ingredients is here to help customers make better choices for our planet and for their consumers. 

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