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For far too long, business has created a world of false choices; one in which doing well financially is incompatible with doing right by customers, employees, and the environment. We think differently.


Green Specialty Ingredients is a purpose-driven firm that is a force for good in the world. We are pragmatic idealists who believe that the future belongs to those who reject the tired, zero-sum thinking that proposes that in order for a business to be successful, others must lose. We are profitable because we deliver value to the world. 

A world without compromises.



To deliver material improvements to humanity and the environment, and in the process, create happiness, satisfaction, and a sense of meaning to all who are touched by our efforts.

To work with partners to ethically deliver radically superior, natural ingredients that are produced or harvested responsibly, and that minimize harmful effects to our planet and society. 



Values represent how we regard those stakeholders that enable all that we do. 

Customers are not consumers, but rather flesh-and-blood human beings. Our Customers have a voice within our firm and we strive to collaborate with those who share our values. We work with our Customers to reinvent categories, expose new sources of revenue, and help them catapult beyond less innovative incumbents.


Suppliers follow best practices for farming, harvesting and production and are foundational to our competitive advantage. We select Suppliers who are interested in building a long-term relationship based upon mutual respect and benefit. We are committed to ensuring fair trade with all of our Suppliers, including small farmers, worldwide.


Employees’ boundless initiative, imagination, and passion allow us to profitably offer extraordinary products and services to our Customers. As such, Employees deserve to be treated fairly and with respect, and to work in an environment in which they can find meaning, purpose, community, and satisfaction.

The Environment includes the planet on which we all live, as well as the communities with which we do business. We endeavor to minimize our negative impact on the physical environment and actively look for opportunities to restore it. We are committed citizens of our communities and energetically seek to contribute to the advancement of society.

Green Specialty Ingredients' Values are not based on crunchy, new-age fluff, but rather on enlightened self-interest. Our stakeholders represent a wealth of skills, knowledge, and passion that cannot be easily replicated.

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